St Peter’s is blessed with an abundance of friendly, diligent and committed parishioners who regularly attend 10:30am Sunday Mass and take an active part in the variety of activities that occur after Mass and during the week. Co-ordinated by Fr. John Macdonald, the parish enjoys the luxury of a 16-strong choir, which rehearses on Monday evenings, conducted by Gerard Horsfall. After 10:30am Mass, refreshments on a Sunday are put together by the Parish volunteers, who also actively participate in the Evangelium program which is run for the young adults after refreshments. Whilst having a number of older parishioners, the parish is also blessed to have families with young children, who play a variety of games and sports after Mass, building the future community of the parish.

St Peter’s is blessed to have a good number of young single adults who strive to live their faith in a vibrant and committed fashion. Because of the closeness of the community, St Peter’s has also been able to internationalise itself by sending members of the parish to places like Spain and Papua New Guinea, the latter being a trip organised by Fr Bill for the St Peter’s Choir to Mt Hagen to teach sacred music to the local population in preparation for the new cathedral designed by architect and parishioner John O’Brien.